Fostoria American Comport - 9½"

Comport 9½”


Item Number:  #B-06
Approximate Size:  9½” D – 5¼” H
Production Dates:  1915-1925

The American pattern introduced two Comports in 1915.  This post is about the larger of the two – the one that has a 9½” top diameter.  Other characteristics of this large Comport is that it has twenty-one (21) points in its top edge, and showcases a rayed bottom.  Comports without rays were used as the bottom pieces for the Flower Pot, which have a perforated glass cover.  The rayed version will also fit with the cover; therefore, it is a good stand-in as the bottom to the Flower Pot.

The 9½” Comport often gets confused with the 9½” Centerpiece, and even with the Low Foot for the 14″ Punch Bowl.  Since all of these items have the same diameter – 9½”, it is imperative that you look at other physical characteristics.  If you remember to look at the height of the item in question, you should be able to make the correct identification.  The 9½” Comport is the tallest of all three; hence, this is an important distinction.

Another easy way to tell the difference between a Comport and a Centerpiece is to look at the flaring and edging of the piece.  If you notice, the sides of the 9½ Centerpiece will have a higher degree of flaring, with the points on the top edge flowing outward.  In contrast, the top row of cubes on the 9½” Comport is usually straight up – not flared.

This item was only produced for about a decade, so any that you find today are to be considered treasures.  If you are interested in purchasing a similar piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Comports on eBay.  I also would suggest that you search for the additional term of “centerpiece”, as some people might refer to this item as such.

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