Fostoria American Centerpiece - 9½"

Centerpiece – 9½”

Bowls & Centerpieces

Item Number:  602-CP
Diameter:  9½”
Production Dates:  1935-1982

The Fostoria American Centerpieces are absolutely beautiful.  Different styles and sizes were produced, each bringing their own style of elegance to the table.  The 9½” Centerpiece began its life in 1935 and was a popular piece for many decades.  It has a bigger sibling, the 11″ Centerpiece.  Both are styled the same way, and their only difference is their size.

It is very easy for collectors to confuse the Centerpieces with the punch bowl bases.  While the two pieces are basically the same item, there is one distinguishing difference between them.  The true supports for the punch bowls (whatever the size) will not have a rayed center in their glass base.  The 9½” and 11″ Centerpieces all have rayed bottoms, and that is the easiest way to tell whether you have a Centerpiece or a Punch Bowl Foot.

The 9½” Centerpiece is a nice size, and I like that it is not too tall – making it an ideal choice for great visibility around the table.  Flowers, fruit, candy, and other food items will display beautifully in it.  A Centerpiece can also be decorated for different seasons – such as using mini-pumpkins, pine cones, and acorns for an autumn display.  Even everyday food items like lemons and limes look stunning in this piece of glass!

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