Fostoria American Centerpiece - 15"

Centerpiece – 15″

Bowls & Centerpieces

Item Number:  #CP-01
Diameter:  15”
Production Dates:  1935-1944

Of all the centerpieces that the American pattern produced, the 15″ size is the largest and the least plentiful.  Some folks refer to this piece as the “hat-shaped” centerpiece, based on how it looks.  With its large diameter flaring out like a rim on a hat, it’s easy to understand the visible connection.  Fostoria Glass simply called this item their 15″ Centerpiece, and it is approximately 4¼” tall.  Please note that many times this centerpiece may have a larger measurement of 16-inches.  That is the measurement of the one I have in my collection.  Fostoria Glass; however, described its size as 15-inches.  As we all know, expect slight size variations with glass that has been finished by hand.

Fostoria American Centerpiece - 15"Being in production for less than ten years greatly impacts it current supply in the aftermarket – especially when compared to the smaller centerpieces.  This item was produced from the original Hotel Cracked Ice mould, which resulted in a beautiful and distinctive center design.  This same design can be seen in a couple of other pieces, such as the 18″ Torte Plate.  It is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous and artistic pieces in the entire 2056 line.  Due to its unique appearance, it is relatively easy to identify.

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