American Whitehall Salad/Fruit Bowl

American Whitehall Salad/Fruit Bowl

Look-Alikes (NOT produced by Fostoria Glass)

Description:  Salad/Fruit Bowl
Approximate Diameter:  9½″
Pattern:  American Whitehall
Colors:  Clear Crystal, Peach

Measurements are approximate and might vary due to mould changes or quality of craftsmanship over the years.  The larger Salad/Fruit Bowl is a great accompanying piece for the smaller Individual Salad Bowls.  These five pieces make a wonderful serving set for serving salad or fruit.

The Peach Collection also offered this larger 9½” Salad/Fruit Bowl, along with the smaller 5″ Individual Salad Bowls.  All of these bowls – both the Salad/Fruit Bowls and the Individual Salad Bowls – were produced by Indiana Glass Company under the American Whitehall label.

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American Whitehall Salad/Fruit Bowl - Peach