Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Whitehall Look-Alike Dessert Set

Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Dessert Set

Description:  Dessert Set
Pieces Included:  Saucer and Sherbet or Dessert Nappy
Pattern:  Whitehall
Colors:  Clear Crystal, Gold, Olive

The Whitehall pattern combined different items in order to make up a “Dessert Set”.  The set always consisted of a Saucer; however, the second piece could vary from a Dessert Nappy to a Sherbet.  These two combinations are what I have seen posted in official Whitehall catalogs.

There is another combination (which I have not yet seen published in catalogs), and that is using the Salad Plate and the Dessert Nappy.  I have an original packaging box from Colony Whitehall for an Olive Dessert Set, and it included the Salad Plate and the Dessert Nappy.  So, while I have not been able to verify that Whitehall used these last two pieces in their official catalogs, it does appear that they also considered the Salad Plate and Dessert Nappy as another option for a Dessert Set.

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Please note:  the Dessert Set is not that common, and you probably won’t find many (if any at all) through the search results.  What you will find are parts of it – like the Dessert Nappy, Sherbet, or possibly the Saucers, by themselves.  You would need to build your own set if you were not lucky enough to find the sets already packaged together.  Simply modify the search terms to either a Whitehall Dessert Nappy, Sherbet and/or a Whitehall Saucer in the Pottery/Glass category.


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