Oils & Mayonnaises

The Fostoria Glass Company made a few different styles and sizes of Oils & Mayonnaise dishes in the American 2056 pattern.  If you are interested in purchasing similar items, please click the following sponsored link for available Mayonnaise Dishes on eBay.

Don’t forget to clean your oil decanters after usage.  A great product to really remove the residue from these shapely decanters are stainless steel cleaning balls.  They are reusable, so they will last a long time.  More importantly, they will keep your oil decanters looking pristine for many years to come!


Fostoria American 2-Part Mayonnaise

2-Part Mayonnaise

Fostoria American 2-Part Mayonnaise & 2 Ladles

2-Part Mayonnaise &
2 Ladles

Fostoria American Footed Mayonnaise

Footed Mayonnaise

Fostoria American Footed Mayonnaise & Ladle

Footed Mayonnaise & Ladle

Fostoria American Mayonnaise Bowl


Fostoria | American | Mayonnaise Plate - with raised retainer ring.

Mayonnaise Plate

Fostoria American Mayonnaise Ladle

Mayonnaise Ladle

Fostoria American Mayonnaise, Plate & Ladle

Mayonnaise, Plate,
& Ladle

Fostoria American Oil & Stopper - 5 oz.

Oil & Stopper – 5 oz.

Fostoria American Oil & Stopper - 7 oz.

Oil & Stopper – 7 oz.

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