Fostoria American Cream - 9½ oz.

Large Cream Pitcher

Jugs, Pitcher, Water Bottle

This is the Fostoria American Large Cream Pitcher, holding approximately 9½ ounces.  Fostoria did produce other cream pitchers, such as the Individual Cream Pitcher and the Tea Size Cream Pitcher.  There is even a Hexagonal Cream Pitcher, though this item is more rare and difficult to find.

The Large Cream Pitcher is of substantial size and weight, and the 2-Handled Sugar (with Lid) is an excellent accompaniment piece.  As far as size goes, this pitcher is larger than the Individual and Tea-Sized Pitchers – with an approximate height of 4″, and a width of 5½” (lip to handle.)

This larger cream pitcher had a long production life and can be found rather easily in the aftermarket.  A word of caution – there is a very similar piece in another glass pattern called American Whitehall.  If you are thinking of purchasing this pitcher, you will need to examine it carefully to make sure that you are buying genuine Fostoria – and not a look-alike piece.

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