Comports & Nappies

Fostoria Glass made a large variety of comports and nappy dishes in the American pattern.  They made flared, deep, shallow, handled, and regular nappies; hence, they offered a wide assortment to choose from.  The photo gallery below displays those items that were either classified as a comport, or as a nappy, by the Fostoria Glass Company.  These are their proper and official names, not a description based on what they look like.

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Fostoria American Comport - 8½"

Comport – 8½”

Fostoria American Comport - 9½"

Comport – 9½”

High Foot Comport (No Cover)

High Foot Comport


Fostoria American High Foot Comport & Cover

High Foot Comport & Cover


Fostoria American Deep Nappy - 8"

Deep Nappy – 8″

Fostoria American Deep Nappy - 10"

Deep Nappy – 10″

Fostoria American Flared Nappies

Flared Nappy Dishes


Fostoria American Handled Nappy - Flared

Handled Nappy – Flared


Fostoria American Handled Nappy - Regular

Handled Nappy – Regular

Fostoria American Handled Nappy - Square

Handled Nappy – Square

Fostoria American Handled Nappy, 3-Cornered

Handled Nappy,


Fostoria American Nappy - 4½ Inch

Regular Nappy – 4½”


Fostoria American Regular Nappy, 5-inch

Regular Nappy – 5″

Fostoria American Regular Nappy, 6-inch

Regular Nappy – 6″

Fostoria American Regular Nappy, 7-inch

Regular Nappy – 7″

Fostoria American Regular Nappy, 8-inch

Regular Nappy – 8″


Fostoria American Nappy and Cover

Regular Nappy & Cover

Fostoria American 7" Shallow Nappy

Shallow Nappy – 7″

Fostoria American 8" Shallow Nappy

Shallow Nappy – 8″

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