Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056


Peach Milk Glass Bud Vase

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The Fostoria Glass Company was very proud of their milk glass, and they made their pieces by hand … just like antique originals.  The American Bud Vases that were produced in milk glass have a soft and mellow look to them.  Peach milk glass specimens are quite beautiful, consisting of fine quality and a porcelain-like finish. [...]

Cupped Vase – 10″

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The Fostoria American Cupped Vase is named appropriately, as the top of the vase is “cupped” inward.  The body shape is similar to the extremely rare Bagged Vase; however, what makes them different is the reshaping of their respective necks.  The Cupped Vase was discontinued in the early 1940’s. While it is not the rarest of vases, it’s [...]

Flared Vase 7″ | High Foot

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The 7” Flared Vase (High Foot) is a very intriguing piece in the Fostoria American line.  It is large, with a solid base, and glistens from head to toe! This item is unique in that it has dual purposes; hence, it is known by two different names – a Flared Vase, and a High Foot.  If you turn [...]

Small Porch Vase

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There were two Porch Vases produced in the American line – a Small Porch Vase and a Large Porch Vase. Both items debuted in the original 1915 catalog, which introduced the American pattern.  The Porch Vases were only produced for about a decade.  They are, indeed, rare finds.  If you are lucky enough to find either size, [...]

Swung Vases

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Swung Vases are fascinating, as they were literally swung into shape from various sizes of straight vases.  Heights range from 9″ all the way to 23″-26″. The Swung Vase pictured here is the 20″ size.  Vases vary in height by as much as 2-3 inches.  The height variation applies to all sizes, with the biggest variation found in [...]

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