Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056


Footed Punch Cup

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The Footed Punch Cup was one of the last cups produced in the Fostoria American pattern.  At the time of its introduction, the previous punch and/or custard cups had been discontinued.  Starting in 1971, the Footed Punch Cup was now the one and only punch cup in the entire 2056 line.  Fostoria never described it [...]

Baby Tumbler

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Out of the hundreds of items that were produced in the American pattern, there are just a handful of pieces that were made specifically for toddlers.  The Baby Tumbler is one of those few and special treasures.  It was introduced in 1957; however, it was only produced for a year or two.  Due to its [...]

Footed Handled Ice Tea

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It is with great honor that I present the Footed Handled Ice Tea, from the American pattern.  Once you have seen this magnificent piece, I dare say you will not forget it.  It looks like no other piece of drinkware, and it proudly stands approximately 5¾” tall.  The Footed Handled Ice Tea is a very rare [...]

Beer Mug | Tankard

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The Fostoria American Beer Mug is an intriguing piece.  It was first introduced around 1933 and was produced for about a decade.  It then disappeared off the assembly line for about thirty years.  Later (around 1974), it was re-introduced as a “Tankard” and was kept in the production line through 1982. Therefore, this piece could be [...]

Footed Ice Tea

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This is the 12 oz. Fostoria American Footed Ice Tea.  It is a substantial piece of glass, with flared sides.  It has a height of approximately 5¾ inches. The Footed Ice Tea was a popular piece in the Fostoria American line, being produced for an estimated fifty years – starting in the 1930’s. In my opinion, the Footed Ice Tea has [...]

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