Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

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Table Salt

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The Fostoria American Table Salt is a rare item, indeed.  It was only produced circa 1925; therefore, the quanitity thereof is extremely limited.  If you find one, expect to pay handsomely for it. Most of the time the price is upwards of $1000 from private sellers, and as much as $2000 from online retailers. The price will vary [...]

Individual Salt

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The Fostoria American Individual Salt dish is a sweet little piece.  After retrieving the seasoning from a master salt dish (a much larger receptacle), the dinner host would typically fill these Individual Salt dishes and place them at each place setting.  These small glass vessels are sometimes referred to as a salt dip, open salt or salt dish. The Individual Salts are the smallest salt [...]

Shaker, “W” Top

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The Fostoria American Shaker, “W” Top (glass disc with a heavy nickle band) is a special find.  This particular type of Shaker is not common.  I rarely see them online, or at estate auctions and antique stores.  They are some of the oldest pieces you will ever find in the American pattern and were a pioneering piece in the Fostoria [...]

Shaker, H.N.T.

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These straight-sided Shakers, H.N.T. (with Heavy Nickel Tops), are a true favorite of mine.  I particularly like their hefty size, grand appearance, and vintage vibe. When filled with salt or pepper, these sturdy Shakers are not easily prone to tipping over.  Fostoria American Shakers, with the Heavy Nickel Tops, have a height of approximately 3 inches. This particular style [...]

Shaker, Chrome Top “A”

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There were several different types of Salt and Pepper Shakers made in the Fostoria American line.  This particular Shaker, with Chrome Top “A”, was a popular guest on the dinner table for many years.  Tapered in design, it has a height of approximately 3½ inches.  The Shaker had different tops over the years; hence, the height measurement can vary slightly. [...]

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