Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056


Coaster (16 Rays)

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Out of all the Fostoria American Coasters, this stunning 16-rayed version is the hardest one to find.  It is easy to understand why, for they were only produced from 1980-1982.  With a short production run, and also being prone to breakage during and after the manufacturing process, there simply are not a lot of them […] Read more

Coaster (12 Rays)

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Out of all the Coasters considered to be from the American pattern, this is the one that is the most mysterious.  The reason is simple.   It is not included in the William Litman book on the American pattern (endorsed by the Fostoria Glass Society of America), nor is it recognized by other renowned and respected […] Read more

Coaster (Cubes All Over)

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The Coaster is an interesting item in the American #2056 line.  While there are a couple of variations of this piece, the Coaster featured in this post was produced longer than any other design.  It made its debut in 1937 and was produced for over forty years.  This Coaster (item #380) showcases the famed cubes […] Read more

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