Duo Candlestick

Item Number:  #332
Height:  6½”
Production Dates:  1936-1958

The Duo Candlestick is one of the finest examples of craftsmanship in the entire Fostoria American line.  From the curved arms to the cubed base, it is a magnificent beauty.

While the Duo Candlestick is approximately 6½” tall, the arms have a wide 8¼” spread.  The base looks like a bell, with a smooth round edge.  Out of all the candlesticks in the 2056 line, this is one of the sturdiest.  It will not fall over easily.

TFostoria | American | Duo Candlestickhis particular item is almost identical to the 2-Light Candelabra, with the difference being that the Duo Candlestick does not include the 16 U.D.P. or bobeches.  It is one of three candlesticks in the 2056 line that holds two candles.  The other two-candle holders is the Twin Candlestick, and of course, the 2-Light Candelabra I just mentioned.

Every time I gaze upon it I am reminded of an ole’  Southern Belle (Gone with the Wind era) dressed in a long, full gown … reaching out to all her guests as she serves tea and refreshments.  Undoubtedly, this is one of my favorite candlesticks of all time.

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Chamber Candleholder

Item Number:  #311
Height:  2″
Production Dates:  1980-1982

Fostoria Glass described and spelled this item, in part, as a “Candleholder” – all one word.  Hence, when I refer to their Chamber Candleholder, I will spell it the same way.  I try and remain loyal and true to the original intent and spelling of all Fostoria American items, even though some of the terminology might appear rather archaic in modern times.

While it might be difficult to imagine us needing a Chamber Candleholder today, it was certainly an important and necessary item prior to the invention of electricity.  Every household needed one, and often had several on hand.  It was not unheard of for wealthy families to even hire personnel to specifically look after and care for all household candles and holders.  Indeed, lighting the household was a serious undertaking and not to be taken lightly.

Even though the Fostoria Glass Company introduced their Chamber Candleholder decades after electricity was born, it is still a nostalgic and welcoming addition to any American collection.  Here in our household, we keep a total of three Chamber Candleholders sitting on various tabletops.

The original intent of a chamber candle was to light the way towards your chamber (bedroom).  So, most times they were not actually in the bedroom – rather, they were placed on a hall table just outside the bedroom door.  This was an important location, as chamber candles and holders were used by all members of the families – each helping to light their way to their respective and private chamber.  Once inside, other bedroom lighting was available, which was often lit by the roaming chamber candle.

Fostoria | American | Chamber CandleholderThe Chamber Candleholder’s shape is perfect, and looks very much like the American Handled Nappy.  It bears a central socket to hold a candle, and it has a convenient handle (or finger hole) for easy transport from one room to the other.  The round design catches all candle drips, eliminating wax from dropping on the floor or your clothing.

Even if no electrical emergency arises, you can still enjoy the Chamber Candleholder’s ambiance and serviceability.  We certainly do.

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Twin Candlestick

Item Number:  #331
Height:  4⅜”
Production Dates:  1937-1982

The Twin Candlestick is rather unique.  Unlike the majority of American single candlesticks, this candle holder holds two candles.  It is a candle holder with two branches or arms, of the same height and width.  There are only a couple other candlesticks in the 2056 line that holds two candles, and that is the Duo Candlestick and the 2-Light Candelabra.  All other candlesticks offer service for just one candle.

Fostoria | American | Twin Candlestick ArmAt the time of its production, the Twin Candlestick was one of the most expensive candlesticks in the American 2056 line.  This beautiful piece is approximately 4⅜” in height, and is about 8½” in width.  Featuring a low profile, with balanced weight for stability, it will seat itself quite comfortably on the table.  The base is about 4½” in diameter.

The arms of the Twin Candlestick are spectacular.  The top and bottom sides of the arms are smooth (void of the cube design), branching inward to a center motif.  The front and back of the arms; however, display the beloved cubed pattern in great artistic flair.  No matter your lighting – dim or lit – these treasures definitely make a statement.

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Candlestick 3″

Item Number:  #314
Height:  3″
Production Dates:  1936-1982

Out of all the candlesticks produced in the American pattern, this popular 3″ Candlestick is still one of the easiest to find today.  The diameter of the base is approximately 4½”, so it is wider than it is tall.  With a substantial base, it sits very securely on a tabletop.

After the Fostoria glass factory was shut down, some of their American 2056 moulds were sent to Dalzell Viking Glass.  The 3″ Candlestick mould was one of the pieces sent for production under the Fostoria label.  After Dalzell Viking Glass closed down operations in 1998, this mould was then sent to L. E. Smith Glass.  Therefore, it is important to note that the 3″ Candlestick was not only made by Fostoria, but also by Dalzell Viking Glass and/or L. E. Smith Glass.

Fostoria | American | 3" Candlesticks | Crystal and CobaltFostoria Glass primarily produced this candlestick in clear crystal.  Dalzell Viking Glass also made it in a couple of different colors – light Pink, and a Green color.

L. E. Smith Glass went further into the color spectrum and produced these pieces in Cobalt Blue and Amber.  I will state; however, that the quality of glass and craftsmanship on the L. E. Smith pieces that I own are rather poor – especially when compared to those made by Fostoria Glass.

My personal opinion on these candlesticks is this … the ones actually produced at the Fostoria glass factory have the greatest clarity and craftsmanship of them all.  They; however, are also the most plentiful.  The colored candlesticks, whether produced by Dalzell Viking or L. E. Smith, are more difficult to find.  They had a much shorter production life.  They also offer a way to introduce color into your tablescape, which is always a nice option.

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Candlestick 7″

Item Number:  #C-02
Height:  7″
Production Dates:  1924-1944

When the first Candle in the American line was nearing the end of its production life, Fostoria Glass introduced this 7″ Candlestick.  It is the second candlestick to be introduced in the American pattern – circa 1924.  It is also known as the “Square Step” Candlestick, because of its unique shape.  It was produced at the Fostoria glass factory for approximately twenty years.

Fostoria | American | Candlestick 7-Inch | Square StepIt is important to note; however, that the 7″ Candlestick was later manufactured by Dalzell Viking Glass – sold under the Fostoria American label.  These newer pieces were produced in clear crystal and in a small variety of colors – such as Ruby, Cranberry (Pink), Green, etc.  The colored pieces are hard to find, and in limited quantity.

The Candlestick is about 7″ tall, with a 3⅜” square base.  The bottom design is unique, bearing a two-step platform – resting on a solid square base.  The American pattern only produced two candlesticks with a square base, and this is one of them.  The top sconce is also square, resulting in a beautifully angular design.

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Item Number:  #C-01
Height:  7¼”
Production Dates:  1916-1925

When it comes to candlesticks, this one is the reigning monarch.  It deserves this recognition simply because it was the first candlestick ever produced in the American line.  Being the first-born, this item was simply named “Candle”.  No further description was necessary – because at the time, this was the only candlestick available.  Some folks today refer to it as the Eiffel Tower Candlestick, based on its shape.

The Candle first debuted in 1916, and was produced for about nine years.  At one point during that time, it was part of the American Boudoir Set.  The set included this Candle and other various items – such as a Jug, Tumbler, Tray, etc.  You had the option of buying the Candle separately, or as part of the set.

Fostoria | American | Candle | Eiffel TowerThere are a couple rare variations of this Candle that were used as electric lamps.  They are most difficult to find and were never officially cataloged by Fostoria Glass.

The Candle is approximately 7¼” in height, with a 3½” square base.  I own a couple of these candlesticks that are slightly twisted in the stem part.  It is common to find subtle differences from one piece to the other – especially with the older pieces.  Personally, that is one of the traits of hand-finished glass that I like – each one is unique!

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