Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056


Candy Tray

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Description:  Candy Tray Item Number:  #T-07 Length:  7″ Production Dates:  1916-1925 I am thrilled to share what I know about the American Candy Tray, for it is one of those pieces that is not seen all that often.  Unfortunately, the Candy Tray is rarely talked or written about.  Indeed, there are books on the American pattern that don’t even […] Read more

3-Part Candy Box and Cover

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Description:  3-Part Candy Box and Cover Item Number:  #344 Height:  4″ Production Dates:  1937-1944 1947-1970 The 3-Part Candy Box and Cover is one of my favorite pieces in the American line.  The Box and Cover is six-sided, which makes for an unusual and visually appealing candy server. With the Cover attached, the height of the 3-Part Candy Box is approximately […] Read more

Footed Candy and Cover

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Description:  Footed Candy and Cover Item Number:  #347 Height:  7″ Production Dates:  1948-1982 The Fostoria Glass Company produced a few different candy dishes in the American pattern.  This particular dish is the Footed Candy and Cover.  It does have a hexagon foot; therefore, some people refer to it as the Hexagon Footed Candy Dish.  The latter name describes it […] Read more

Sugar and Cover (aka Candy Jar and Cover)

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Description:  Sugar and Cover (AKA Candy Jar and Cover) Item Number:  #676 Height:  6¼” Production Dates:  1915-1982 The Sugar and Cover originally debuted in 1915.  Decades later, Fostoria modified the name to “Sugar and Cover” and/or a “Candy Jar and Cover”.  Many folks refer to this piece as a “Barrel Sugar” – simply because of its appearance.   Whatever name you prefer, […] Read more

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