Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Cake Servers

Footed Cake Plate

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Item Number:  #307 Diameter:  12″ Production Dates:  1938-1983 This is the Fostoria American Footed Cake Plate. It is approximately 12 inches across. The Footed Cake Plate (3-Toed) had a long production life and it is still fairly easy to locate in today’s aftermarket.  It was produced from approximately 1938-1983. Be informed, for there is also a Look-Alike Cake Plate in the […] Read more

Handled Cake Plate

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Description:  Handled Cake Plate Item Number:  #306 Diameter:  10″ Production Dates:  1948-1982 The Handled Cake Plate is a very versatile piece.  When compared to other Fostoria American cake serving pieces, it is smaller in scale and general appearance.  With two handles, it is very easy to transport from one place to the next – and is not bulky in weight. […] Read more

Square Salver

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Description:  Square Salver Item Number:  #631 Width:  10″ Production Dates:  1924-1982 The Fostoria American Square Salver is a very impressive piece of glass. While most people today call this piece a “Cake Stand”, Fostoria called it a “Salver” – which simply means a tray that was especially made for serving food or beverages.  Fostoria produced two Salvers – the square one you […] Read more

Handled Cake Tray (Metal Handle)

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Description:  Handled Cake Tray with Metal Handle Item Number:  #T-10 Diameter:  10½” Production Dates:  1934-1943 This is the Fostoria American Handled Cake Tray (with a metal handle).  While it is called a Cake Tray, it can be used to serve a variety of other foods, other than cake.  It has an approximate diameter of 10½” and has a shiny […] Read more

Cake Stand

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Description:  Cake Stand Item Number:  #639 Diameter:  10½″ Production Dates:  1978-1983 This Fostoria Cake Stand was the last type of cake server that the American pattern produced. Though there are published books that state this piece was first produced in 1979, I would disagree.  I have an Eastern Price List Supplement from Fostoria Glass Company, dated 1/1/1978, and […] Read more

Round Salver

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Item Number:  #630 Diameter:  10″ Production Dates:  1916-1982 The Fostoria American 10″ Round Salver is a thing of beauty.  Most people simply refer to it as a Cake Plate; however, Fostoria Glass Company called it their 10-in. Round Salver.  Fostoria also made a Square Salver; however, it is the round version that had a longer production life […] Read more

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