Deep Nappy – 8″

Item Number:  #522
Diameter:  8″
Production Dates:  1915-1959

Out of all the nappy dishes that Fostoria produced in the American pattern, I believe the “deep” nappies are some of the most beautiful.  Their depth and size make a striking statement.  These are older pieces, and with that usually comes great clarity and brilliance.  They are quite lovely, and any collector would be more than pleased to have one in their collection.

The 8″ Deep Nappy is another pioneering piece in the 2056 line.  Debuting in 1915, it was in production for approximately forty-four years.  When compared to other flared or regular-sized American nappies, they were more expensive to buy.  The 8″ Deep Nappy cost $2.00 in 1915, which is equivalent to about $51.80 today!  When looking for deep nappies in today’s market, know that they are worthy of a few extra dollars.

One thing worth pointing out is that the original and older nappies have a ground bottom.  In other words, they were not footed.  Newer pieces were footed, and may be slightly taller than the 4¾” height.  (The footed 8″ Deep Nappy is shown in this post.)  Sizes are always approximate, and both of mine (footed and unfooted) are about the same size – with only a ⅛” height difference between them.

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Regular Nappy Dishes

Fostoria Glass made a large variety of Nappy dishes in the American pattern.  They made flared, deep, shallow, handled, and regular nappies; hence, they offer a wide assortment to choose from.  In this post, our focus is just on the documented  “Regular Nappy” dishes produced in clear crystal.  There are a total of five different pieces, ranging from 4½” to 8″ in diameter.

  • 4½” Regular Nappy – Item #495
  • 5″ Regular Nappy – Item #506
  • 6″ Regular Nappy – Item #512
  • 7″ Regular Nappy – Item #517
  • 8″ Regular Nappy – Item #521

The regular nappies were some of the most popular pieces in the 2056 line, and each of them enjoyed a very long life.  In fact, all of them were born in 1915 and endured until the 1980’s.  The two that lived the longest were the 5″ and the 8″ Regular Nappies – being produced from 1915-1985.  That is a remarkable run, much longer than most of the other 2056 treasures!  The bowls are versatile, even today, which makes them a popular choice in any American collection.

The reason these pieces are classified as “regular” nappies is because they don’t possess any other special design traits – such as being flared, having a handle, or the bowl being shallow or deep in depth or height.  They are just regular bowls, without any bells or whistles.  The smallest regular nappy has a height of about 1¾ inches, with the biggest regular nappy having a height of approximately 3⅝ inches.

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Tom and Jerry Bowl

Item Number:  #250
Height:  7¾”
Production Dates:  1915-1970

(aka Footed Fruit Bowl and/or Small Punch Bowl)

This particular piece is very interesting.  Why?  Because it officially went by three different names – the Small Punch Bowl, the Footed Fruit Bowl, and the Tom & Jerry Bowl.  It was introduced to the world in 1915, under the name of the 12″ Footed Fruit Bowl.  As years went by, Fostoria Glass eventually listed it in their catalogs as the 12″ Footed Fruit Bowl, Small Punch Bowl, or the Tom & Jerry Bowl.

No matter how you use it, or what you call it – this treasure is amazingly versatile.  The base of the foot is approximately 7¼” in diameter, and the bowl opening measures about 12″ in diameter.  From the foot to the top rim, the Tom and Jerry Bowl stands about 7¾” high.  Expect slight size variations though, as some have been reported to be slightly taller.  While all of the bowls have a flared shape, it is possible to find them less flared – most noticeable towards the top rim.

Once the Fostoria factory closed in 1986, Dalzell Viking produced this piece under the Fostoria American label in limited colors of cranberry/pink and grey/blue.  If you have a Fostoria piece – in either of these two colors – then it was an item produced from approximately 1986-1998.  If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing for this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Tom and Jerry Bowls on eBay.

Handled Nappy – Regular

Item Number:  #499
Diameter:  4½”
Production Dates:  1915-1982

Fostoria Glass made a large variety of Nappy dishes in their American pattern.  This is considered a “regular” Nappy (with a simple round shape).  It showcases a beautiful handle and has a height of approximately 2 inches.  The Regular Handled Nappy was one of the pioneering pieces in the American 2056 line, and it enjoyed a long and happy life.

Nappies are often defined as little bowls; however, Fostoria Glass produced both small and large nappy dishes.  In the early years, most of their bowls (even the large 10″ size) was described as a “Nappy”.  The American lineup of nappies includes those with or without handles, squared, flared, and there’s even a three-cornered design.  With so many options available, finding one to suit your needs should prove to be quite easy.

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Cream Soup

Item Number:  #669
Diameter:  5”
Production Dates:  1938-1958

The Cream Soup is one of the most elegant pieces of the American 2056 line.  It has an outward flowing shape, with a graceful handle placed on each side.  The actual bowl diameter is approximately 5″, and it stands about 2¼” high.  While this piece is beautiful enough to be served solo, it is often seen paired with the Cream Soup Plate.

Fostoria American Cream Soup - Tomato BasilWhen the two pieces are used together, they make for a beautiful presentation.  There are two variations of the Cream Soup Plate, and both versions aid in keeping the Cream Soup stationary.  The center of the plates will either have a raised retainer ring, or a slight depression in which to hold the Cream Soup.

Ina Garten has published a book full of delicious recipes for comfort food – including a Creamy Tomato Bisque, which is perfect to serve in these bowls.  Her recipe book is called “Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook“.  Bright and colorful soups look so beautiful in these dishes, deliciously enhanced by the clear crystal that holds them.

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Shallow Fruit Bowl

Item Number:  #260
Diameter:  13”
Production Dates:  1939-1974

Born from the mould of a 10″ bowl, the Shallow Fruit Bowl is a beautiful item from the American 2056 line.  It is a very large and versatile piece, and is strikingly handsome.  The actual height of the bowl is approximately 3 inches, with sides that flow gracefully outward and upwards.

One thing worth remembering, especially if you are a new collector, is that Sellers will sometimes incorrectly describe items.  It is not uncommon to see the Lily Pond piece being described as the Shallow Fruit Bowl.  There are differences, but with a quick glance – they might not be so noticeable.  Just remember that the genuine Shallow Fruit Bowl is the larger of the two pieces.  The Lily Pond is smaller; it is approximately 12″ in diameter and about  2¼” in height.  The Lily Pond has edges that go straight up and slightly inward – as it usually holds water.

Fostoria American Shallow Fruit Bowl - HolidaysThe Shallow Fruit Bowl is just that – shallow.  That is one of the big differences between it and the many other American nappies and bowls.  Since the diameter of the bowl is large, one can display a large amount of fruit on it.  Even if you don’t want to use it as a fruit display, the Shallow Fruit Bowl is multipurpose.  It is excellent as a cake stand, a bread basket, and even as a display piece to uplift and hold a floral arrangement.  I use mine every year to hold my holiday centerpiece, with great results!

Any type of fruit bowl needs to allow for good ventilation, which allows the fruit to stay fresher longer.  With shallow sides and a large diameter, the Shallow Fruit Bowl can hold quite a bit of fruit while still providing adequate air flow.  It is also aesthetically pleasing to look at.  If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing for this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Shallow Fruit Bowls on eBay.

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