Fostoria | American | Candle Lamp Complete

Candle Lamp Complete

Candle Holders & Lighting

Item Number:  #310
Height:  8½”
Production Dates:  1939-1943 and 1953-1970

The Candle Lamp, when complete, is another wonderful treasure to behold.  Quite often one can easily find the 3″ Candlestick, but finding the other candle parts is a bit more challenging.  The American 3″ Candlestick was sold separately (and quite popular as such); however, it was also a very important element of the Candle Lamp.  Depending on the production period, other individual pieces were also vital in assembling a complete and authentic American Candle Lamp.

I happily discovered an interesting tidbit of information when I did research for this piece.  During its first production phase of 1939, the complete Candle Lamp included two extra pieces that were not included when it was reintroduced in 1953.  Those two pieces were a Candle Lamp Pot and a Wax Light.  A little piece of wax would be placed in a lamp pot, and then that same pot would be placed in the lamp base dish.  The Candle Lamp Pots were eventually eliminated (along with the Wax Lights) and were not part of the reintroduced complete Candle Lamp of 1953.

Fostoria | American | Candle Lamp Parts

On the second production run, the complete Candle Lamp consisted of just three individual items (shown above).  Those items were the 3″ Candlestick, the Candle Lamp Base, and the Candle Lamp Chimney.  The American Candle Lamp Bases had pegs so that they could be inserted and seated within the candle chamber of the 3″ Candlestick.  Since Fostoria Glass was no longer including Lamp Pots or Wax Lights at this time, the idea for lighting was to simply put a votive or warming candle in the Candle Lamp Base.  That was the way it remained until the piece was discontinued.

Interestingly, the Lamp Bases and Chimneys were also used with other lines of Fostoria – such as the Colony, Flame, and Spool patterns.  If you can’t find the proper pieces while searching for the American pattern, I would recommend doing a search for the other mentioned glass patterns as well.

If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing for American candle-related items, please click the following sponsored link for available Candle Lamps on eBay.  You might have to refine the search criteria, as individual parts of the complete Candle Lamp are much more difficult to find than just the solo 3″ Candlestick.

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